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First 2006 post

The one bad thing about trying to plug/unplug the USB cable in the back of the PC is that sometimes unplug something you didn't intend to unplug(i.e.,the keyboard cable).Once I get my own PC,I hopefully won't have that problem since most newer brand-name desktop PC's have multiple USB ports in the front and notebook/laptop PC's obviously have the keyboard built-in as well as a built-in touch pad(use of a mouse being stricly optional in this case)...

As you may already know,I don't make New Year's resolutions,only modest goal which are often met even when a whole year ends up severely whacked out.So far,I'm a little thrown off due to unexpected company.Hopefully,tomorrow will be the first "normal" day of 2K6...

Happy 28th birthday to Megumi Toyoguchi;and since it's already tomorrow(the 3rd)in Japan,happy birthday to both Mayumi Iizuka(who turns 29)and Rie Tanaka(who turns 27)...
Tags: computing, new years, rl, seiyuu
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