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While there's still almost half an hour left of Christmas Day 2005...

This year's haul...:

  • From Mom and Dad:A leather baseball jacket,2 quilted shams,2 pairs of slacks,and an $80 Best Buy gift card
  • From my sister:Aa!Megamisama TV region 1 DVD volumes 1(which came in a "collector's box" and came with a direct-from-Japan Belldandy cell-phone strap)and 2.What a relief the my sister is mostly clueless about seiyuu,because IMHO Megumi Morisato was more deserving of a seiyuu change than Sayoko Mishima...
  • From an unidentified co-worker as part of a "Secret Santa" gift exchange that took place a few days earlier at work:A stocking filled with a plush mini-snowman and 4 bags of Nestlé Crunch bells...

Yes,I did barely survive "midnight madness" at work;but was lucky to get today(and tomorrow,the government-observed holiday)off...
Tags: aa!megamisama, cell phones, kurisumasu, rl, seiyuu
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