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Most likely,last pre-Christmas entry of 2005...

Well,Kanji de Manga #3 is now available;and I may have to order it online...

Well,even though it's unlikely to receive a card before Christmas,I still want to make sure yachinami gets a DS before her birthday if she doesn't get one for Christmas(even through secretive online means if possible).It's a relief that I'm the only one in the house who gets the mail(yes,I checked it myself when I received the mailing from Alaska),as I prefer to be the only one in the house(other than maybe my dad who's Washington born and raised)who's even heard of Bellingham(as I prefer not to be teased about receiving a Christmas card if it does happen)...

Since I'll be working both tomorrow and Saturday,happy holidays everyone!
Tags: japanese language, kurisumasu, lj friends, nintendo ds, rl
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