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It's December 5th...

...and happy 25th birthday to Marimite voice cast member Shizuka Itou,the only seiyuu to be born on the fifth of December;and since it's already tomorrow(the 6th)in Japan,happy birthday to both Yukiko Mannaka(who turns 29)and Sayaka Oohara(who turns 30)...

Despite a couple scares(sync troubles initially plus a "freeze-up"),my Rio Karma has pretty much worked out just fine...

Suncoast didn't have the Shin Seiki Evangelion Platinum thinpack set in stock during Replay Days,but fortunately Best Buy had plenty in stock...

Also,I've added some Chicchana Yukitsukai Sugar trading cards via an eBay Buy It Now listing.I've received my AMG/CCS bilingual manga lot as well,and the bilingual serialization of the former may have only gone 4 volumes...

Hopefully,I'll at least get started on my Chrismas shopping today this week.
Tags: aa!megamisama, anime, ccs, chicchana yukitsukai sugar, ebay, kurisumasu, music, rl, seiyuu, shin seiki evangelion
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