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Black Friday,and I'm not talking about the Steely Dan tune...

Never mind that I slept in until after 11.Watching the noon news told me how wise I was(and yachinami,for that matter)to avoid the stores today.Lucky very few injuries were involved in the mob tramplings nationwide,only one unlucky lady at a Florida Wal-Fart required hospitalization.Speaking of which,I(like Yacchan)have never really cared for the evil big W(an enemy of labor unions everywhere,not just mine),and I try not to to shop unless in rare emergency cases.If you have to go to a big discount store,try Tar-zhay...

Though I've made that journey just twice in my lifetime,this site allows me a virtual trip from Sacro to the Bay Area anytime...

Not only has Neei arrived,but I'm now also bidding on a set of bilingual AMG and CSS manga.Though I already have 3 of the 5 volumes of this lot,I hadn't yet been able to locate bilingual AMG volumes 3 and 4...

Since it's already tomorrow(the 26th)in Japan,happy 32nd birthday to Kaolla Su Reiko Takagi...
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