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Yes,I'm still alive;and I'm not the one hooked on online gaming...

Anyway,watching both versions(original TV Tokyo broadcast version and the director's cut)of episodes 21-23 of Shin Seiki Evangelion have me wondering:Did Miyamu-san have to learn any German to voice Asuka?

Speaking of seiyuu,happy 43rd birthday to Motoko Kusanagi Nina Hagen Yumi Haneishi Atsuko Tanaka...

Additionally,I've recently obtained all 3 domestic Maaya Sakamoto and Yohko Ishida CD's on two separate trips to Suncoast.The entire Hotchpotch compilation album is now on my Rio Carbon(being recharged at the moment),though the other two aren't on it yet as I've yet to listen to either Sweets or All of Me...

Also,I'm bidding on a Masami Okui solo CD...
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