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Don't blame ADV for an inefficient postal service...

Just days after the long-overdue October issue arrived,my November issue of Newtype USA arrived on time.Makes you wonder about the erratic efficiency of USPS...

Well,my alarm clock always seems to advance a few minutes every time the power goes out.By last weekend,it was ahead by half an hour.It got to the point that not only did I not bother with the fall-back fix,but I've new left it unplugged for extended periods of time.Turns out it also advances ridiculously even then.I may not plug it back anytime soon except in certain emergencies...

Since it's already tomorrow(the 4th)in Japan,happy 41st birthday to Mihoshi Chocolate Misu Black Joker Luchs Fouly Yuuko Mizutani...
Tags: gundam, newtype usa, rl, seiyuu, tenchi
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