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At times,Toshio Furukawa almost sounds like him...

Thank goodness that Urusei Yatsura was first animated years before Kappei-sama's earliest voice roles,as it would have been cruel and unusual punishment if he had to voice Ataru Moroboshi...

Speaking of The(non-sports)Great One being subjected to cruel and unusual punishment,a certain SakuTai seiyuu who is more than guilty of such an offense again received a vote for female seiyuu of the week.Though I didn't have a chance to vote for my selections,she didn't even come close to winning(it would be a sign of the Apocalypse if she did)as Tetsunosuke Ichimura Sarah Macdougal Excel Kobayashi Puni Puni Poemi Yumiko Kobayashi won handily.I'd rather see Noriko Hidaka win the bi-weekly honor over Anime Overdose 2005's seiyuu guest anytime.At least ssj_mato(who sadly attended that con) never reads this LJ so he can't rebut...

Somehow,I have an urge to wear one of my cosplay caps(preferrably Menchi)during my shift as I haven't had to shop for costumes in at least a dozen years...
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