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Possibly of titanic biblical proportions,but there are bigger possible signs of the Apocalypse...

Strangely enough,Albertsons and Kroger may merge...

Last night,I almost worked overtime(on top of the 8 hours that I was alrready scheduled)because a scheduled late cashier(about 15 months younger than me)had babysitter problems and ultimately couldn't make it.In any case,it still made me feel lucky to be childless at 29 and to ultimately remain so on my 30th birthday...*does not believe in the term "virgin loser" since it doesn't exist in his vocabulary*

On the 21st day of the month,guess what finally came in my mailbox...

Believe it or not,since Kappei-sama won seiyuu of the week last month,I've only had the urge to vote during females weeks...
Tags: newtype usa, rl, seiyuu, supermarkets
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