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yachinami,you're not the only one to have bizarre dreams...

One recent overnight,I dreamt that I was at work;and I had the misfortune of accidentally glancing out a window:Not only were there multiple tornadoes,but also one of them changed direction and started heading in the direction of the store.Eventually,I fled into a stall in the men's room before I suddenly awakened.I know California is supposed to be generally tornado-free, but there were an unusually high number of funnel cloud reports this past spring.Curse this global warming...

Since it's already tomorrow(the 7th)in Japan,happy birthday to both Shippou Kumiko Watanabe(who turns 40) and Megumi Kurogane Rikako Aikawa a.k.a. Nahomi Iwata or Mrs. Mitsuo Iwata (who turns 38)...

Speaking of seiyuu, my Rio Carbon now has Aya Hisakawa's anime character image songs as well...
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