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Maybe I am a dreamer,but...

I've now started employing a new Mega Millions strategy.I'm now buying a single set of advance play quick pick numbers valid for 20 draws.Hopefully,my luck will be better...

I think I've finally hit paydirt:My new 6 GB Rio Carbon has just 1 GB more capacity than my now-returned RCA Lyra RD 2765,but roughly double the maximum battery life.The battery didn't go out until I had used it for at least 14 non-consecutive hours(about 3 hours ago),and I first started using it on Saturday night.Once it's fully recharged,I'll start loading even more music onto it,as I splurged on some more CD's after returning the POS that I was using.I may even start loading up some seiyuu and J-pop stuff onto it.If only I bought this bad boy in the first place...

Speaking of splurging,I also bought myself a couple more new PSP games:World Series of Poker(at Best Buy)and Madden NFL 2006(at Game Stop).However,I have to do I firmware update before trying out the new games;but I haven't been able to do so yet because the battery was "low"(at least one,maybe 2,bars were present). I ended up playing some NBA on it(as my Kings and got throttled 110-62 by the expansion Charlotte Bobkittens) to burn some battery life before recharging it...

Speaking of sports,in belated commemoration of their assured 97th consecutive season without a World Series title...


The Cubs Suck!

Don't be surprised if I end up starting a thecubsuck community soon...
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