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Only on eBay,you can find unusual and innovative items...

I just nabbed a deck of cards that doubles as hiragana flash cards from a Buy It Now listing by a Japanese seller...

I wonder,how did poor Salt(the most serious of the fairies in training)not manage to get a nosebleed when he was bathing with Saga,Sugar,and Pepper at the end of episode 3 of Chicchana Yukitsukai Sugar?

The one side effect of ripping music from my CD's for my RD 2765 and backup 2 GB SD card is that sometimes the track info may be inaccurate(wrong song title and/or artist)or insufficient(untitled track and/or unknown artist).I've had to manually edit descriptions for certain song files...

The tagging of 2004 entries continues:all entries made during the 2004 Athens Summer Games(and a few directly before then)are tagged now...

Since it's already tomorrow(the 22nd)in Japan,happy 44th birthday to Ayeka Midori-sensei Yumi Takada.Again,I don't watch H-anime yet;but she does seem to co-star with Kappei-sama every other time he voices a character in such an anime...
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