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I thought that frog was the brick wall...

Well,I finally beat Arle Nadja(the original Puyo Puyo protagonist)in the Waku Waku(intermediate difficulty)course in Puyo Pop Fever DS.Just reaching the "mysterious" boss in that stage was an accomplishment in itself.Additionally,I've purchased the Japanese import PSP version via an eBay Buy It Now listing and using a complementary 10%-off savings certificate that eBay snail-mailed me;as even though a domestic PSP release is planned,it is with a TBA release date and isn't likely to be anytime soon...

Speaking of PSP games,hopefully that version of Madden 2006 will be out soon...

Well,it looks like Yuta Tabuse(the first ever Japanese player in the NBA)will get his second NBA shot with the "other" Los Angeles NBA team which last year finished with a better record than the Los Angeles Kobes...
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