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Gomen nasai,nothing political/historical in this 9-11 post

Well,Kappei-sama won in the most recent male seiyuu of the week voting.The good luck from finding out that he can't be married to either of 2 certain female seiyuu who had offending(to me)voice roles(in anime such as Ranma ½,Inu Yasha,and Plastic Little)must have rubbed off.I'd better try to download some of his songs...

Speaking of songs,one major side effect of owning a digital music player is that you may get the urge to go on CD-buying binges...

Today,I again worked an early shift;and on the way home(between buses),I nearly had the urge to buy the current Sunday editions of the San Francisco Chronicle and/or the Seattle Times/Post-Intelligencer for some reason even I couldn't understand...

While there's still time,happy birthday to both Himura Kenshin Mayo Suzukaze(who turns 45)and Maria Yamamoto(who turns 24);and since it's already tomorrow(the 12th)in Japan,happy 48th birthday to Osono Keiko Toda...
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