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I intended to try to get this down yesterday,but hadn't the chance,oh well..

As you can tell from the fact that I have 2 different digital music players,even though it's left the Sacramento airwaves(for now,at least),I've become a fan of the no-holds-barred music variety format known as Jack FM.The trouble with many of these greatest hits compilations from various classic rock bands(such as ELO and The Moody Blues)is that they include "hits" that never get played on the radio and/or omit good hits that do get played on the radio frequently(one the three ELO hits compilations that I have happens to be a Japanese import version(MHCP-759)of the recently released All Over The World:The Very Best of Electric Light Orchestra that was obtained via a Buy It Now listing by an Japan-based eBay seller)...

Well,things are finally quieting down at my work,as I'm in the middle day of three straight full off days.My next work day is a Saturday morning shift.As my parents are out of town today through the late night Sunday/wee hours of Monday time frame(my dad's old Navy Squadron of long ago is having a reunion down in San Diego),I requested earlier shifts if they need me to any extent on those days so I can get to work and then back home while the relevant bus routes that I need to use are still up and running.Speaking of days off,yesterday I made my first Hurricane Katrina relief donations when I some purchases at a couple retailers.The main reason that I've abstained from discussing this massive natural disaster is because of the fact that the sloppy response by a federal government more obsessed with fighting terrorism worldwide that combatting natural disasters domestically is both disgusting and embarrassing;as the final 3-state hurricane death toll is expected to be at least double that of the
9-11-2001 terrorist attacks.Hopefully ashleyelizabeth(who I know online from the days of the now-defunct animenetwork.com)is alive and well.I may not always vote for the de jure winners,but I always vote for de facto winners when I stick to my partisan guns and vote Democrat...

Happy birthday to 3 seiyuu who share a birthday today:Li Shaoran Motoko Kumai(who already turns 35,Asami Sanada(who turns 28,I've gotta start watching my Mouse and Sugar DVD's eventually),and most importantly Touya Kinomoto Domon Kasshu Mitsuru Ogata Kyoh Sohma Tomokazu Seki(who turns 33)...

Strange as it may seem,though my shirt/sweater size is large,XL-sized tees also fit me...

Finally,yachinami,arigatou gozaimasu for the letter and 2006 calendar I received a couple days ago(what a relief that I'm the only one in the house who ever checks the mailbox).No ulterior motives were intended with the donation of my old cell phone,I just wanted you to have something you could use just in case there was an emergency in which not even a pay phone was available(or even in the occasional event that you had the urge to contact you RL friends offline in a situation in which you didn't have access to an Internet-ready computer)...
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