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No wonder the first MP3 player I bought was on clearance at the time of purchase...

Well,my RD2012(though not out-of-order)is officially an undependable POS;and while my RD2765 hard-drive player(also from the same manufacturer)is reliable,its battery life(just 8 hours on a single charge)leaves a lot to be desired,not to mention Tarjay doesn't offer extended warranty protection on small electronics.So yesterday,I purchased a fail-safe backup plan at Circuit City:a SanDisk Sansa e140 MP3/WMA flash player with 2-years of CityAdvantage extended warranty protection.The unit features a 1 GB of internal memory(with an SD card slot which does permit cards of up to 2 GB which is the largest SD card size offered anyway),a built in FM radio with presets,a built in clock/calendar,long battery life on a single AAA battery,and multilingual menu options featuring 8 languages(yes,the menu is set to Japanese).I gave it a "test drive" after getting home from work last night;and even though it's a flash player,it's already at least as reliable than my RD2765 and is a guaranteed fail safe backup if the latter's hard drive ever fails(especially after the warranty expires)...

Well,with today being Labor Day,it thankfully marks the unofficial end of a rather cruel summer for yours truly(I prefer not to state why my summer was cruel...).What a relief it'll be once the autumnal equinox rolls around on the 22nd,and I'm not simply talking about cooler weather...

BTW,as you can tell from the avatar used in this post,amefuto season is just around the corner.At least the raider_nation faithful has hope this season...

BTW,happy 36th birthday to Miki Koishikawa Miyuki-chan Madoka Mariko Kouda...
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