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What a relief,and I'm not talking Alka-Seltzer(part deux)...

I can breathe a little easier now,but won't expand on the reason(s)...

The consolidation of my anime DVD collection continues:I've purchased the Sakura Taisen OVA collection from an eBay Buy It Now listing to replace 3 individual discs that take up twice the space...

Tomorrow,various public transit services in NorCal will raise fares.Ain't it ironic that service in the cowtown of Sacro has been getting skimpier and skimpier while service in the Bay Area(especially in San Francisco proper) remains a value and is reliable around the clock with some routes operating 24 hours even on weekends and holidays?

Happy 38th birthday to Yukari Tanizaki Akiko Hiramatsu;and since it's already tomorrow(September 1)in Japan,happy 32nd birthday to Rieko Miura...

Also,I've now tagged all 2005 entries.I may tag at least the 2004 ones as well,if not all past entries...

If only Vanilla Coke was still available everywhere.The only place that still regularly sells the single servings is 7-Eleven...
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