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Well,my sister did end up taking the comp to Best Buy's Geek Squad;and it turned out the power source died.It was replaced,and now the comp's working again...

Turns out that the mis-delivered package of mine was a pair of stamp stockbooks that I recently ordered to replace a couple of flawed/defective ones.Owing to the fact that at least one backordered item was holding up the whole order(probably the domestic Aa!Megamisama stickers),I ultimately cancelled my recent unshipped Anime Nation order and purchased the space-saving second Mahou Kishi Rayearth DVD "economy box" at Suncoast...

Hopefully by this time Wednesday night(my next full day off),I'll be breathing a little easier.I won't expand on this just so no one(who regularly reads my LJ)will suspect anything...

So far,I've tagged entries made during or after this past February.I may tag earlier entries eventuallly...
Tags: aa!megamisama, anime, computing, lj, mahou kishi rayearth, philately, rl
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