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At least I'm finally done at least until I get a snail-mail reply...

As expected,I mailed yachinami's fourth package;and since it will be a week to 10 days before her intended release date(from when she receives that fourth package),I'll restrain myself from writing her offline at least until I get a snail-mail reply.Hopefully,I won't get accused of "ulterior motives..."

I've also splurged on even more anime trading cards:At World's Best Comics,I bought out their stock of single cards from Pretty Sammy and Card Captor Sakura.The cards for the latter were from a 1999 set for the second movie,and a pack from that same set(purchased from a Buy It Now listing on eBay earlier in the month)arrived today with no duplication of the single cards purchased.I've purchased another pack from the same seller(he lists them one pack at a time),as well as a few more packs plus a single foil card from another seller that I've previously purchased most of my CCS cards from...

From what it sounds,Best Buy's Geek Squad may need to check my still out-of-order comp...

Since it's still tomorrow(the 24th)in Japan,happy 43rd birthday to Tamao Hayashi...
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