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Laptop insight turned unintentional long venting rant

Yes,my normal comp remains out of order;and both this post and the previous post have been posted from my dad's laptop(a Toshiba Satellite).Not only am I now getting a lot of insight on how a laptop works;but am also getting an idea of what kind of laptop I'd like to get in either the near or distant future(a 512 RAM+/60 MB+ multimedia notebook with a built in DVD/CD burner and digital media reader,preferrably from Toshiba,HP/Compaq,or Gateway).Even the HP/Compaq models are coming down in price...

Anyway,though such a purchase won't be online,a modest amount of money has been retained in my PayPal account for purchasing anime goods on AnimeNation(where I've ordered the space-saving Mahou Kishi Rayearth season 2 DVD thinpak collection and some domestic licensed Aa!Megamisama stickers)and various eBay sellers(where I've ordered packs of Card Captor Sakura and Gundam Wing trading cards through Buy It Now listings as I'm avoiding auction-only listings until my latest cyber problems are solved)...

BTW,my recently-received shipment of previously-ordered CCS trading card packs included complementary single cards from Ai Yori Aoshi,School Rumble,and other CCS sets.Owing to the enduring appeal,the latter CLAMP staple continues to spawn products annually even after the series(anime and manga)concluded...

BTW,my sister recently had a videotape of hers caught/stuck in the VCR in my room(I haven't watched anything on VHS in years);and though she was able to extracate/salvage her tape,just the thought of the VCR dying(don't know if it's still operable)motivated me to purchase plastic stackable shelving to reclaim more room space(even when a staff shortage at work somewhat limits the time I can devote to such a task).In my eyes,even my room feels like my sister's second room(she often watches videos and DVD's in my room and stores certain ones there because she's too dysfunctional to take the time to clean up her room enough to accommodate basic video equipment such as a TV and VCR and/or DVD player).I'm even becoming concerned she could even silently squeeze me out of my room and the house(even my parents are powerless).Scary thought,though I hope it never goes to this(an excellent reason for me to get a notebook,so I'll be guaranteed a working comp even when and/or if I am on the move).I'm even more glad I snail-mailed yachinami via her temporary Alaska addy;because I'd be thrilled if I had the opportunity to write her offline,as doing so has proved to be a good outlet(besides LJ)to communicate what's really on my mind to someone I can relate to in a fair number of ways.I know she isn't reading her backlogged friends list at the moment;but if she is,arigatou gozaimasu for giving me the opportunity to write you offline...

No wonder I changed my default avatar from Ranma-kun to rat Yuki...
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