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Writing her once may not be enough...

While it's nice to hear that she's alive,hearing that yachinami is extremely bored back in Alaska has me feeling a little down myself.I seriously am considering writing her a second time to at least try to cheer up a fellow LJ otaku in need.I'm not too concerned about how she reacted to what I sent her(no reaction yet).What matters that I've managed to write her at least once.If I ignored the seasonal mailing address that she's posted when necessary and neglected to utilize it,I would have actually hated myself for being selfish...

On offline matters,I may seriously need to get a new music player since my likely-obsolete current one does seem to hate high-capacity SD cards(especially the 2 GB ones)...

Additionally,any PC purchase(on hold for now)that I make won't be online;so anything in my PayPal account will be re-allocacted towards eBay purchases(I'm now bidding on 3 more Twinbee Paradise drama CD's,all starring Kappei-sama:KICA-7737,KICA-7717,and KICA-7720.I've also purchased Kanji de Manga #2 and a few packs of Australian-made cappuccino Kit Kats via Buy It Now listings.)or redirected to my normal checking account...
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