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Mission accomplished...and then some

This morning,in the sweltering Sacramento summer heat,I went and mailed yachinami's package(which I assembled before bedtime last night)and found myself a copy of the updated local transit schedule book which I can't seem to find at any local retailer anymore except one local supermarket chain...

Further proof that otaku fandom is going from cult to mainstream:While waiting for a bus,another transit user noticed my T-shirt(Gundam Wing) and baseball cap(Inu-Yasha)...

To complicate things in this typical summer weather in Sacro,the air conditioner may be out of order...

Finally,since it's already tomorrow(the 13th)in Japan,happy 37th birthday to Hyatt Ruri Hoshino Mika Suzuki Akiru Yuuki Omi Minami a.k.a. Mrs. Yuuji Ueda...
Tags: anime, gundam, lj friends, rl, seiyuu, weather
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