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Finished another series...

Don't know how soon I'll get the OVA sequel,but I've now finished the Gate Keepers TV series.If I do eventually get into Gate Keepers 21,it would be interesting to find out what ever became of Reiji Kageyama,because he was a true villain that gave me the chills.The cool thing about the elusive Yukino Houjou is her use of the sixth sense to save Ukiya-kun and/or his friends...

Speaking of that series,since it's already tomorrow(the 11th)in Japan,happy 35th birthday to Miki Nagasawa(voice of Keiko Ochiai)who has also voiced characters such as Maya Ibuki and Izumi Maki.Though I don't remember offhand who she voices in Akihabara Dennou Gumi,I'd like to get into that series eventually...

Yes,that 2 GB SD Card does work in my RCA Lyra...

Where's luv-beam.net when you need it?
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