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First taste of the polarizing hideousness...

Around dinnertime,since no one else was watching the TV,I changed to channel to Cartoon Network to see what was on Toonami.Sure enough,it was the first of back-to-back One Piece episodes,and I had the misfortune of hearing the English dub theme song.At least the fansubs still have fairly wide availability via region-free DVD's.If Not-4-Kids-or-Adults-Entertainment was really smart,it would have ignored this series and went after series such as Aa!Megamisama TV and Matantei Loki Ragnarok(both licensed by other companies in the past year)...

Well,for the first time in a while,I played FIFA Soccer on my PSP;but was far from rusty as Ajax nipped Olympiakos 3-2 despite trailing first.This game is rumored to be getting a NintenD'oh DS release this fall...

Speaking of sports video games,it would be interesting to find out if Madden Football will be at least as good on the PSP as it is for the DS...

BTW,my 2 GB SD card came very quickly even when it just shipped from SoCal.I'll be testing it later on my RCA Lyra...
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