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Not that anyone posts on my anymore,but...

I just learned that ezBoard was hacked back on May 31.My board's CSC now won't expire until late-August;but since most ezBoards are getting dead,will renewing be worth it?

Too bad the Yuki shirt sold at Hot Topic is made as a ladies shirt...

Too bad computer and electronics retailers don't stock 2 GB SD cards.I had to order mine from an Amazon.com Marketplace seller,because I've already almost filled my 1 GB one and haven't finished ripping music from my CD's...

I've had strangers ask to borrow my cell phone.Sorry,but I don't consider Baltimore Raisins crackback Jamal Lewis a good role model...

Yesterday,while playing Puyo Puyo Fever,I was saved by the battery charge in the DS going out because the frog was getting ready to murder me!

Finally,congrats to London on landing the 2012 Summer Olympics...
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