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What a lame sequel...

After getting home from work,I managed to watch Kidou Senkan Nadeshiko:The Prince of Darkness which is a 1998 feature-film sequel to the TV series.A key movie-only character(Hari Makibi,voiced by Soujirou Seta Noriko Hidaka)had me fooled early on because what I thought was a lady was actually a guy.However,what ultimately had me going "WTF?" was the weak ending:Where was the Tenkawa/Misamaru reunion?

Speaking of Nadesico,while there's still time,happy 35th birthday to Yuuko Nagashima who voiced Erina Kinjo Won(as well as Mahou Kishi Rayearth's Caldina)...
Tags: anime, kidou senkan nadeshiko, mahou kishi rayearth, seiyuu
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