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Based on the lj interests lists of those who share my more unusual interests, the interests suggestion meme thinks I might be interested in
1. manga score: 166
2. music score: 107
3. final fantasy score: 81
4. drawing score: 77
5. writing score: 75
6. video games score: 75
7. yaoi score: 63
8. j-pop score: 61
9. japanese score: 58
10. inuyasha score: 52
11. sailor moon score: 51
12. cowboy bebop score: 50
13. reading score: 50
14. computers score: 50
15. harry potter score: 49
16. trigun score: 47
17. art score: 47
18. gravitation score: 47
19. sleeping score: 47
20. fanfiction score: 45

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I've never read Harry Potter,to tell you the truth;and I'm a bad artist,too.I'm not into yaoi,since guys aren't into that.OTOH,if Tetsuha in was voiced by an otokoyaku,I'd give Gravitation a try...

Also,happy 39th birthday to Yuuko Minaguchi who has had her share of big voice roles(Yawara,Hotaru Tomoe,Nadeshiko Kinomoto)and has starred alongside Kappei-sama a lot...
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