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Since today and tomorrow are off days...

Yesterday turned out my only chance to buy anything at Replay Weekend;so I skipped by Sam Goody and grabbed an RCA Lyra digital music player(already on clearance,with an additional half off after that)with 256 MB internal memory,a slot for optional SD cards,and a built-in FM tuner with 10 presets.Even better,you can record off the FM tuner as well.The device supports WMA and MP3 files.Seriously,radio stations always play the same songs over and over again.It'll probably take the 1 GB(or bigger) SD cards as there doesn't seem to be a limit on card capacity,while my Eye Q 4060 AF only takes cards up to 512 MB.With SD cards,I can even listen to anime and seiyuu music if I so choose...
Tags: anime, j-pop, music, seiyuu
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