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Minami Takayama and Meitantei Konan creator Goshou Aoyama tied the month on the former's 41st birthday last month...

Suddenly,why would I be more scared if Kappei-sama's wife/mother of his child(ren) was a seiyuu herself than if she wasn't?

On a lighter seiyuu note,happy birthday to 3 seiyuu who share a birthday today:Megumi Ogata(who hits the big 4-0),Umi Ryuuzaki Konami Yoshida(she turns 38),and Momiji Sohma Ayaka Saitou(at 17,she must be the youngest seiyuu in the indutry at this moment)...

Anyway,I didn't have an ice pack for my lunch pack on Saturday because they were all being used,so I had to make an emergency stop at Lucky Albertsons on the way to work to grab a couple so there would always be a spare when needed...

Speaking of supermarkets,this site is actually very interesting...

On Friday,I was lured into a local Indian casino(I went with my parents.).Being a casino novice;I only played on the penny/nickel machines,and Lady Luck still wasn't kind to me.I brought a decent amount of cash,and fortunately had a few bucks left when I went home...

Watching the late night news one night recently actually made me feel luckier that I don't drive:In a driver intelligence level poll,California drivers ranked 42nd(only 8 states had dumber drivers);while Oregon and Washington drivers were among the smartest...

Unless I'm missing something;the only laptop manufacturers that make offer models that would fit my needs(DVD-ROM that reads CD-R's and DVD-R's,built in digital media reader,built in Wi-Fi compatibilites,at least 2 USB ports,the most current Windows version,optimally-sized hard drive and RAM memory)are Gateway/eMachines,HP/Compaq,and Averatec.For those who own a laptop themselves,which brand is the most reputable?

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