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Finally,a good digital camera...

Well,my new Eye-Q 4060AF has already proven to be paydirt:Not only are the pics coming out much better than the worthless PDC-3070 outright;but with Macro Mode(intended especially for close-up shots),the pics also come out way better than on my Eye-Q Duo 2000(also a Concord Camera product).Even better,it works with my existing SD cards...

Well,I've found yet another Japanese site with a comprehensive listing of Kappei-sama's major voice credits(including some live-action ones);but for some reason,why does the staff and cast listing for this title scare me even though Rei Sakuma,Masako Katsuki,and Sakiko Tamagawa are also credited in this title?*hopes that not a single seiyuu fan that has read this journal knows where I'm coming from*
EDIT:I've found yet another similar site...

Somehow,someone will eventually claim a het seiyuu coupling at the new seiyuu_slash community...
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