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At least even the better ones are getting cheaper...

Well,yesterday I viewed the first batch of pics taken on my 3-megapixel PDC-3070;and surprisingly,the quality is actually level with comparable pics taken on my 2-megapixel Eye-Q 2100(which may be a discontinued model).In fact certain pics taken on both cameras came out better on the latter,and both use optional removable SD cards.One of these days,I may try to get a 4+-megapixel model which would take less-blurry pics even on closeup shots...

Well,it turns out that Puyo Pop Fever doesn't even have a Japanese Wikipedia article.I know that this site has a Japanese voice cast listing,but no roles.The most familiar name I saw was Shiho "Hikaru Amano" Kikuchi,so I tried referring to her article in Japanese Wikipedia(she doesn't yet have an article in the English one).The video game roles listing has her credited in the role of Amitie(who you play as in the DS version),but her article is the only one that links to the not-yet-existant game article.Speaking of that particluar seiyuu,though no English sites list a full seiyuu cast for this OVA yet,she did have a small role(which I don't remember precisely offhand) in Houma Hunter Lime(Hail,Bass-sama!)...

Welll,I didn't get a chance to vote for female seiyuu of the week last week,but at least the seiyuu zodiac "bakaneko" thankfully continues to draw goose eggs....

yachinami,if the fisheries in Petersburg have that lax of hiring practices,then don't risk it for a fourth straight year even if you're without a job all summer long.It may be trickier for me to send out a "care package" with at least some Japanese Kit Kats,but you should never have to potentially work alongside dangerous criminals...
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