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Express in name only...

Well,Borders Group has converted a handful of its Waldenbooks stores(including the Sunrise Mall location where I purchased Girl Got Game #9)to its experimental Borders Express format.Some interior changes,but it still fells like a Waldenbooks(and looks that way).The only time I've been in a full-size Borders was several years ago,and I wonder if all such (super-)stores are larger than Barnes and Noble...

Also,Kanji/Kana de Manga has surfaced at one of the 2 remaining Tower Books locations.If I can only find volume 2(red cover)anywhere...

Well,three more officially licensed Furuba cosplay caps(dog,rabbit,and ox)are forthcoming to complement the existing rat and cat ones.As long as they never come out with a sheep one...
Tags: anime, furuba, japanese language, manga
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