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Don't know if anyone's tried You Send It for such media,but...

It seems that all the fansub sites require BitTorrent to download.If I only knew what the best and safest client to download(yachinami,any suggestions?)...

Anyway,I did win Fuwari,and now own all of Megumi's solo CD's up to and including that album...

Well,in FIFA Soccer,there are now 4 different teams I play as(all of them have Coke sponsorships);and I even win more often than I do in the GBA version of that same title.Recently,I played as Real Sociedad and battled Corinthians(a Brazilian club with Pepsi logos on their jerseys) to a 1-1 draw in both regulation and extra time.In the initial penalty kick shootout,each team went 4 for 5;and in sudden death,the other team's two shots sailed wide or were "saved"(they shot first in the shootout).My team's first sudden death shot was saved,but the second went straight through for the win...
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