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Well,I now have a second soccer sim for my PSP:the long awaited FIFA Soccer 2005.Same teams as the sucky GBA version,but far better overall.Since there's no Japanese teams,I play as either FC Porto or Mexico City-based Club América because of Coca Cola's sponsorships of those teams(and there are likely others around the world as well).I've even won a game(Club América 3,Cruz Azul 2,the latter team a Pepsi-endorsed crosstown rival).Besides the lack of Japanese teams,the one drawback is that the analog stick must be used for player movement which wears out your left hand.BTW,I now have a third Memory Stick Duo(a 512 MB one that was on sale at Circuit City with a rebate)...

Speaking of my PSP,a member of my yamaguchikappei was kind enough to make the Kappei Yamaguchi Mini-Best CD(which I already have a copy of myself)available via You Send It.Since the link hadn't expired yet,I downloaded it onto my 256 MB MSD...

Speaking of Kappei-sama(and while there's still time to do so),happy 40th birthday to Kumiko Nishihara(Iris Châteaubriand)who is one of only 4 Sakura Taisen core cast members that can possibly be married to him if he was married to one.Besides her;the only ones would be Chisa Yokoyama(Sakura Shinguji),Ai Orikasa(the Fujieda twins),and Maya Okamoto(Soletta Orihime)...
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