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Hopefully,I fixed it...

After downloading those 2 MP3's onto the MSD,I tried to play them on the PSP,but the files didn't show up.Turns out that I still haven't memorized the instruction booklet:you have to create a "psp" folder,and then a "music" sub-folder within the PSP folder.Not only have I fixed it and moved the MP3 files into the correct folder,I've also downloaded several Kappei songs from my Yahoo group which has been largely supplanted by my yamaguchikappei LJ community.It works now...

BTW,my used copy of Sanseido's Exceed English-Japanese Dictionary has already arrived...

Once I start getting larger MSD's,I'll download this freeware program that converts video files to PSP-compatible MPEG-4's.Just imagine all the anime I can watch on the PSP...
Tags: anime, japanese language, psp, seiyuu
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