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Just about ready to experiment...

Turns out that the only audio file types(on a Memory Stick Duo)supported by the PSP are the MP3 as well an experimental audio file format.The video file type supported by MSD's are MPEG-4's,but I don't know if fansubbed anime episodes utilize this file type.If they do,I've seen at least a few titles that look interesting:Eyeshield 21,Rizelmine,Mahoujin Guru Guru,Idoru Tenshi Youkoso Youko,Dagwon,Mama's a Fourth Grader,Sensei no Ojikan,among others.Two series that didn't catch my eye(and won't,for obvious reasons)are LEGENDZ and Nurse Angel Ririka SOS...

Yes,I have downloaded a couple of MP3's,but they're novelty songs that were free to download on a couple different sites(Convoy,Star Trekkin')...
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