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Hasn't happened lately because of World of Warcraft,but...

It's a weekday that I'm off on and my sister wasn't home when I was done taking a shower(and still wasn't as of 6:15).What a relief.The monitor did give me a scare when I turned this comp on(nothing showing),but it's hopefully fixed...

OTOH,Wikipedia has been unreliable at times as of late.Every few page loads on that site,the servers suddenly slow down...

Anyway,in World Team Soccer,Japan throttled Australia 5-1 to hoist the Asia-Oceania Cup.Hidetoshi Nakata and Shinji Ono scored 2 goals each,while Alex scored the fifth Japanese goal.After playing through the Euro Club Cup,I'll replay the Cups in Pro(intermediate)mode.I've been playing cup mode with amateur(beginner)difficulty...

Right now,I'm trying out the multi-card reader I recently bought.In that removable disc drive is a 256 MB Memory Stick Pro duo that can be used in PSP's.So far,though I've yet to test the results,I've "burned" 5 novelty songs which I had downloaded a couple of months ago.Momentarily,I'll download some anime-related songs(possibly even some Kappei ones).I'm considering downloading fansubbed anime onto MSD's,but judging from what file sizes suggest(judging from what I've seen in the Sensei no Ojikan section of a popular fansub site),I may have to use the 1 gig MSD's for that stuff.If only I can find a site with Assobot Senki Goku fansubs...

Yes,I have yet another new avatar,but this isn't really reflective of my current mood and isn't likely to be commonly used.It does tell a (hopefully) factual story.If Plastic Little,the Code Name Wa Charmer audio drama,and/or even episode 4 of the second Sakura Taisen OVA are any indication;chances are that 山口勝平-sama and 渕崎ゆり子 truly get along like rat and cat whenever they're in the voice recording room(and yes,she would be the orange cat)...*is thankful that a certain SakuTai fan who unwisely visited Anime Overdose 2005 and has posted several SakuTai-relevant posts in seiyuu doesn't even read this LJ and has never heard of my yamaguchikappei community*

Yes,I have tried out my Furuba courier bag...*goes off to claim a couple more pairings in het_names*
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