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While my sister takes a nap...

In Asia-Oceania cup play in World Tour Soccer,Japan and Pakistan battled to a 1-1 draw with the Japanese goal being scored by Shinji Ono.In the final game of the round-robins,Hidetoshi Nakata converted on a penalty kick resulting from a red card foul on Saudi Arabia's goalkeeper,both occuring in first-half injury time.Atsushi Yanagisawa then added a couple of insurance goals in the second half to seal Japan's 3-0 win.In their quarterfinal match against Tahiti,a single goal by Naohiro Takahara was all that Japan needed to draw a rematch against Saudi Arabia.The rematch started out slowly,as both sides traded offsides violations.Later in the first half,Keisuke Tsuboi would get his team on the board.Though it was Japan's only shot-on-goal of the match,they did win 2-0.That's because in the second half,Tsuneyasu Miyamoto was in position to score his second goal of the Cup when he was blocked/brought down by a Saudi defender.However,in the process,the defender accidentally deflected the ball the wrong way and it went far enough across the goal line(at least a ball length,but less than a meter)for the consequential own goal to count.Japan will face Australia in the Cup final.Speaking of "forced" own goals,though I never watched any of 2002 World Cup;I have read that in a round robin match between the U.S. and Portugal,Landon Donovan pretty much had an unfortunate Portuguese defender right where he wanted him.That was a key reason that Team USA reached the knockout round while the heavily favored Portuguese team didn't even make it out of the round robins...

Well,my Kings will face the Sonics in the first round of the NBA playoffs.For some reason,if Seattle eliminates my team,why would I be more embarrassed than sore?

I've purchased a few packs of British-made lime Kit Kats from a Buy It Now listing on eBay...

I almost forgot:When I found that English-Japanese dictionary at that charity used book sale,it actually came with several Japanese receipts,one of them from a 7-Eleven in Hiroshima.No,I'm not discarding it;and though I won't say which ones,there are some T-shirts on J-box that I don't ever want to own...

yachinami,please get well soon...
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