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If only the DS had good games out at the outset...

So far,the only DS game of mine that I seriously play now is Madden 2005...

On the PSP,World Tour Soccer has especially become addictive:In world tournament semifinal play,Shinji Ono scored the only goal of the match to propel Japan over England 1-0.In the championship game against Spain,Hidetoshi Nakata had another 2-goal game(including one on a penalty shot)as Japan bested the Spaniards(the final score was either 2-0 or 2-1)to hoist the championship cup.In the Euro tournament;I played as Portugal(strong,but underrated since they've never won the World Cup),went 2-1 in round-robin play,and breezed through the elimination rounds to win the cup.Playing as Uruguay(tucked in between 2 soccer superpowers)in the South America Cup,I went unbeaten the hard way in round-robin play(1 win and 3 draws as extra-time isn't used in this round),but won every game(and the cup)afterwards.I'm currently in the middle of playing as the U.S. in the (North) America cup.I went undefeated the ugly way(2-0-3,would have been 3-0-2 if it weren't for an acccidental own goal in an eventual tie against Mexico,again extra time is reserved for the knockout rounds),but one of the wins was a 6-1 pasting of Panama that included a hat trick by Landon Donovan(including two successful penalty kick conversions each resulting from Panamanian red card fouls)that trigged some "secret rewards" being unlocked(from the hat trick and the 5+ total goals scored).Currently,they've reached the championship game against Honduras with results in a future post.Speaking of "secret rewards" being unlocked,winning a semifinal cup match(in each tournament)unlocks a retro-dynasty team,while winning a cup(also in each tournament earns you at least 500 tokens good towards unlocking national and Euro club teams initially unavailable at the outset.Once,I get to the Asia-Oceania cup,I can play as Japan once again...

Additionally,there's a "challenge mode" in wich you rack up or lose points for every play made(passing,goal scoring,fouls)playing against a generated pre-determined opponent which you know in advance even before selecting your team.Also in this mode,being awarded a corner kick earns you points;while surprisingly,you don't lose points if the opposition gets a free corner kick.At the end of the match;you also earn bonus points for winning the posession battle,shutting out the opposition,and/or commiting no card fouls.Also,racking up enough points earns you a medal that not only unlocks the next challenge,but also inlocks the stadium where that preceding challenge mode game allowing it to be selected in other game modes(i.e.,exhibition).

As for how I fared in this mode(after many unsuccessful tries which I'll disregard for the purpose of this post),I selected Japan to face Argentina(the first challenge).In the match which I finally succeeded,Shinji Ono scored the game's only goal in a 1-0 win.After post-game bonuses,I racked up enough points not only win a bronze medal,but also to unlock the next challenge as well as the stadium where the challenge mode game was played.Even better,that stadium was Saitama Stadium which was built for the 2002 World Cup.Now,when I play as Japan in exhibition mode,I can opt to truly give them home-field advantage.In an exhibition match against Nigeria in that stadium,Atsushi Yanagisawa and the Brazilian-born Alex each scored a goal in Japan's 2-1 win over visiting Nigeria.Previously,the only unlocked stadium that immediately available was Milan's venerable Stadio San Siro.At least in this game,the Japanese team isn't as weak as most soccer experts think,as long as you know what you're doing...

Speaking of PSP sports games,thank goodness 111-49 is seldom an actual NBA score...

For some reason,why do I nearly cringe whenever I hear the 70's song Summer Breeze or even glance at a children's book titled My Sheep(the latter only happens at work)?

Finally,I ordered myself a couple of cases of Canadian dark-chocolate Kit-Kats via a Buy It Now listing from an eBay seller based on the U.S. side of the Washington-British Columbia border.Once I recieve them,I'll be less likely to exhaust my remaining stock of Japanese Kit-Kats before mid-summer as I'm considering sending one or two packs of each flavor(passion fruit,matcha,white chocolate,and Hokkaido milk)to yachinami definitely if she spends summer in Alaska again as she has for years...

Why did I just confess to that? ^.^;;;;

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