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One step closer...

Well,I bought a multi-card reader/writer supporting SD(used in my digital cameras),MMC,Memory Stick(all versions),and xD cards.I haven't tried this out yet;but with this,I can port desired sound/video files from the PC to my Memory Stick Duos(which the PSP uses,I now have a 256 MB one with adapter as well as the 32 MB one complemetary as part of the PSP Value Pack).I may consider downloading anime episodes down the road(i.e.,Sensei no Ojikan,Eyeshield 21,Asobotto Senki Gokyuu,etc.)...

Yesterday,while browsing through the refrigerator around breakfast time,I took an unintended glance at a bottle of ready-to-drink strawberry Nesquik.For some reason,the "y" at the end of strawberry looked almost like the hiragana character り.Maybe it was just me...^^;;;
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