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PSP games delayed,oh well...

Turns out that FIFA Soccer and the 2 competing MLB sims(all for PSP)have been pushed back by 1-3 weeks.At least one of the baseball ones still comes out next week...

I'm now just one DVD volume(3 episodes)away from finishing Noir.Domestic DVD volume 6 even included an interview with Aya Hisakawa.Am I the only one who thinks that she was too good to have had to voice Chloe after the events at the end of episode 20?

On the flip side,in World Team Soccer cup action,Naohiro Takahara accounted for all of Japan's scoring in a 2-1 quarterfinal win over France(finally).Not to mention that I won a 1995 edition copy of Shogakukan's Pocket Progressive English Dictionary(yes,it has eiwa and waei in a single volume)in an eBay auction...

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