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Contrary to what this suggests,I'm NOT turning Japanese...

Well,I'm truly getting the hang of World Tour Soccer for the PSP.In cup mode,I tend only save after a win.In the second half of Japan's opening match of the round-robin preliminaries of world tournament against Belgium,Naoki Matsuda scored what turned out to be the only goal of the match.In the second round-robin match,Junichi Inamoto and Atsushi Yanagisawa each scored a goal in the 2-1 win over Russia.In the third game,my team was held without a shot on goal and shut down 3-0 by a Tunisian team that finished in the bottom of the round-robin group,but Japan still advanced to the second round so I saved the game anyway afterwards.In the ensuing match against Brazil,Hidetoshi Nakata accounted for all the scoring Japan needed in their surprising 2-0 win(first scoring early in the first half on a penalty kick after Brazil's Dida drew a red card for what appeared to be an illegal block from behind in front of the Brazilian net,then adding the insurance goal in the second half).That's as far as I've saved it so far,because France held my team without a shot on goal while scoring 3 goals of their own.If I get past them,I'll save the game afterwards...

Though already on publisher's website,according to an employee at the Sunrise Mall Waldenbooks,Kanji de Manga #2 doesn't hit retailers until next month.Oh,well...

BTW,I'm bidding on an RG Veda drama CD co-starring Kappei-sama,Megumi Hayashibara,(current seiyuu of the week),Mika Doi,and Chieko Honda(whom Kappei-sama could be married to if he was married to a seiyuu).Yes,the voice cast appears to be slightly different from the anime...
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