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Less than an hour until April 2nd,thankfully(no joke)...

Though I haven't been victimized since the last millenium,April Fool's Day hasn't been my cup of tea and unlikely will ever be.Of the pranks that were pulled on me in the past,too many of them sounded serious.In fact,I nearly fell for a bogus extended weather forecast watching the evening news exactly a year ago today.In fact,I've been victimized so many times in the past that I'm now too scared to pull April Fools pranks myself...

Fortunately,I only got online late enough to have already missed ANN's annual April Fools Fiesta...

Since it appears that Kanji De Manga #2 is now available,it'll hopefully be available at Waldenbooks(the only place where I've seen it offline so far)once I drop by before work tomorrow...

No joke.

Besides,if this entry wasn't intended to be serious,then Ron Artest must be the most gentlemanly athlete in the world...

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