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April 2005 issue of Newtype USA

Upon receiving(and reading)it yesterday,I happened upon the section on the ongoing Aa!Megami-sama anime TV series which has been domestically licensed.Reading the article,I noticed that Sayoko Mishima has a different seiyuu(Mamiko Noto replaces Junko Asami,the latter whom I've heard while watching Houma Hunter Lime);though K-1 and the 3 goddesses stil have their original seiyuu.As long as Megumi Morisato has a completely different seiyuu as well(if that character even figures in this version,I've seen both the original OVA as well as the movie),all will be well with the world...

Though I've yet to order/try it,okonomiyaki-flavored snacks are available from J-list...

If FIFA Soccer for the PSP lacks Japanese teams,I'll be sure to set my "favorite team" as FC Porto just because of one of their official corporate sponsors...^^;;;
Tags: aa!megamisama, anime, coca-cola, japanese snacks, newtype usa, psp, seiyuu, soccer, video games

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