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It took a while to brag about it,but..

I picked up and bought my PSP(along with a couple of games)at Gamestop before work on PSP Launch Thursday.

So far,I have the following games:

  • Metal Gear Ac!d(bought on launch day):I'm only on the first stage so far...
  • Gretzky NHL:(also bought on launch day)The first NHL sim for a handheld since a pair of GBA games(NHL 2002,NHL Hits)in 2002.Yes,I selected Les Habitants for the "favorite team" option.I've played a couple of games(both rematches of their 1993 Stanley Cup win over the Los Angeles Queens);and though I was unaware of the analog stick's existence when playing the first time,it's hard to win and I frequently have players sent to the penalty box(including the occasional fighting majors usually offset when the opposing team's combatant draws a matching major)...
  • NBA(bought the day after):The first NBA sim for any handheld in ages.I've played it once so far;and as I was still clueless about the analog stick,my Kings committed a ton of turnovers(mostly on 8-second and backcourt violations)in getting "embarrassed"(as Kings TV and sometimes radio voice Grant Napear would put it)by the Los Angeles Kobes 96-20(which thankfully is inconsistent with a normal final score in a real NBA contest)...
  • World Tour Soccer(bought yesterday):I already have FIFA 2005 for the GBA;but despite having over 350 team licenses for the game,it doesn't have either the J-league teams or the Japanese national team.Though WTS has 100 fewer team licenses,it relies on national teams(rather than leagues)and does have the Japanese team as an "unlocked"(playable immediately)team.Before I found out how to set it as default(for cup play),I played a pre-determined "quick game" playing as Belgium against Senegal(and lost 4-0).As for playing as Japan(this was cup play),my team was embarrassed by Belgium(also 4-0)in a game whose miscues included a red-card and an "own goal" in second half injury time.I wisely didn't save the game results...

    As for the unit itself,the opening(when you turn on the unit in most instances)and settings menus are multilingual(including Japanese),even though the keyboard didn't include a Japanese hiragana option(because user handles for wireless Internet gaming don't support non-English characters).The games utilize the Universal Media Disc(UMD)format,and the PSP can also play UMD audio and video.The North American units come with accesory packs including(besides the essental AC charger and battery pack)a storage pouch,a 32 MB Memory Stick Duo,stereo headphones with remote control,cleaning cloth,demo disk(with game trailers,movie previews,and music videos),and(for a limited time)the full-length Spiderman 2 movie on DVD.As for the latter movie(the first real movie I've watched in ages),it was rather dark,even though I haven't seen the original...

    As for similarities between it and the Nintendo DS,you can set the date and time(including timezone for the PSP)in both systems.Though I already have more PSP games than DS games(4 to 3),I intend for the systems to be complementary.I seriously hope that Nintendo isn't shooting itself in the foot...

    BTW,in the upcoming gridiron-football themed anime Eyeshield 21(Kappei-sama's newest voice project),at least 2 of his castmates(namely Miyu Irino and Aya Hirano)are young enough to be his children,though his oldest son is younger than either of them...

    Finally,as you can tell from my user icon in this post,I've finally received my matcha KitKats and have already tried out a pack of them.The green tea flavoring actually blends well with the white chocolate.Speaking of Japanese KitKats,I recently ordered 4 "Hokkaido milk"-flavored single packs from an eBay Buy It Now listing and have already received them.Though I haven't tried these yet,how are they different from the regular white chocolate ones?

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