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Clash of the video game titans...

When browsing at Gamestop yesterday before work,I learned that there were still a handful(fewer than 5)PSP reservation slots left.They only said that on Thursday(launch day)that they'll just have enough in stock to fill the reservation list.Considering that the initial game lineup includes several sports games(NBA,World Tour Soccer,Gretzky NHL,and others),I placed my $50 reservation down payment.I'll be sure to pick it up(plus at least 1 game)before work tomorrow.Besides,new DS games have been slow to come out...

Well,I found the Kappei songs post in seiyuu,but there doesn't seem to be enough songs to fill a CD-R.Maybe it's because I'm not into yaoi.Speaking of Kappei-sama:If Girl Got Game was ever made into an anime(hopefully not this millenium),the only character that he could voice well(and fit the role)would be Imai...

No matcha yet,but my case of white-chocolate Japanese Kit-Kats(ordered separately from the matcha ones)arrived yesterday...

Oh,I have yet another new avatar...
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