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I put it on the links list...

...and I've now updated my DVD list at DVD Aficionado for the first time since last fall.Now,trying to whittle down my unwatched pile is another thing...

Not that anyone one would care,but my rather irregular mustache(untouched since it first grew last millenium even though just several years ago in reality)is now gone...

Happiness is knowing that the chances of anyone asking me to burn them a copy of the rare and OOP Code Name wa Charmer drama CD are thankfully lower than the non-existent chances of the Golden State Worriers and the Charlotte Bobkittens facing off in the 2005 NBA Finals...

Oh,while there's still time,happy 40th birthday to Wakana Yamazaki who has co-starred alongside Kappei-sama in so many voice projects that she could be married to him...
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