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Only the second one I've ever owned,but...

This past weekend was Replay's Red Carpet Event(triple points on all purchases).Yesterday,while browsing Sam Goody's clearance rack before work,I scored a steal of a deal:a Panasonic SL-MP80 portable CD player marked 50% off,originally $70.Not only is it compatible with CD-R's and CD-RW's(including MP3's and Windows Media audio),it's even made in Japan(so it ain't junk).I wasted no time purchasing it(the last one in stock),along with a cell-phone antenna booster.Today(also before work),I even purchased a 20 pack of blank CD-R's at Tarjay.Once I find that fairly recent post in seiyuu with links to Kappei song files,I may download some and create at least one CD-R of them since I can't quite find every desirable CD on eBay...

As for the CD player itself,it works much better than the other one I have.The Emerson one I've had for nearly 6½ years(purchased on clearance at Tarjay)is a bit on the crappy side(i.e.,it skips frequently despite having "anti-skip" protection)which is likely due to the fact that it's made in a country that has "most favored trading nation" status but doesn't truly deserve it...
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