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Seiyuu voting rant and other things...

As Half and,Half(yes,the title does have a comma)arrived in the mail yesterday,I now have all of Megumi Hayashibara's solo CD's up to and including Iravati...

As female seiyuu voting week is in progress at seiyuu,I have noticed that Noriko Hidaka has garnered a couple of votes,but I wouldn't be scared if she won.In fact,I might look for some Banana Fritters CD's(the trio she's formed with Kouichi Yamadera and Toshihiko Seki)one of these days.At least the one I will never want to win(who I won't identify)still has 0 votes(voting ends in about 12 hours).I personally voted for Megumi Hayashibara and Ai Orikasa,and not simply because they were the top vote getters at the time.Strangely enough,I've yet to place votes during the male seiyuu voting weeks:I'd like to see someone else place Kappei-sama's "first vote..." ^^;;;

Not only do I prefer not to dream about other LJ users(thankfully,it hasn't happened yet since I don't know any offline),but also I'd actually be scared if I was in another LJer's dream(G-rated or X-rated).At least no one cares for looking at my real-life personal pics,so the probability of such dreams is thankfully lower than the non-existent chances of Sunrise Mall ever sprouting Westfield Shoppingtown signage...
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