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Purchased about a year ago,and just finally opened...

It appears that the 2 Anime toons domestic CD releases(volume one with vocals by Kikuko Inoue,and volume 2 with vocals by Maria Kawamura)actually feature dance mix versions of the top anime opening and ending theme songs covered by the 2 aforementioned seiyuu.Volume 2 also features Maria Kawamura sound bytes...

Anyway,I've tried out those passion-fruit flavored imported Japanese KitKats(I brought a pack with me to work to snack on when it was time to "have a break.")and they were actually rather sweet.Speaking of Japanese KitKats,my 14-count pack of KitKat Gold(a special edition)arrived wrapped in pages of a Japanese newspaper titled 上毛新聞 in which a net search identifies as the Jomo Shimbun which is based in Maebashi.The latter is the prefectural seat of Gunma-ken,as J-list's Japanese warehouses are based out of Isesaki(the return addy on my package)which is in that same prefecture...

I might end up downloading AIM and/or MSN Messenger,but I doubt whether the user(s) that intend to IM are actually online at the same times that I'm usually online... ^^;;;
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